• 'Yuba


    Hopeless magical student. Princess and heir to the Witch Queen. Once known as 'Yuba "the Gooba." Living reincarnation of the original Witch Queen.
  • Annais


    Hot-shot female wizard of the magical ordger Senechals Temporae. Protector of the Fey Realms. Tyrannical warloard of the Veil Perilous
  • Beletsunnu, the Witch Queen

    Beletsunnu, the Witch Queen

    'Yuba's mother and the ruler of the Empire
  • Javavich


    Innkeeper of the Joyous Rabbit, the only wayhouse in the Vale Perilous
  • Jerek Westfall

    Jerek Westfall

    Opportunist seeking the attentions of the recently bereaved noblewoman. Egocentric, arrogant, amorous, attractive, and conniving
  • Magistrate Equine

    Magistrate Equine

    The Magistrate Equine, Kolyarut the Inevitable, rules his court with a firm hoof. A tireless metal steed, powered by the lightning itself.
  • Miz Maurinnis Malyce

    Miz Maurinnis Malyce

    Dean of the small and prestigious Feigndoor, College of the Mystical Order. Conjurer and seller of uncivil spirits. Fromer army scryer.
  • Mr. Shelby Wolfbinder

    Mr. Shelby Wolfbinder

    Bold and incorrigible slaver. He captures magical creatures from the Vale Perilous and sells them at market. The forces of the universe are either conspiring to make a good man of him or destroy what remains of his soul.
  • Bloody Barnabas

    Bloody Barnabas

    Remorseful ghost of a tyrant king and father of Annais
  • Captain Habitrot

    Captain Habitrot

    A veteran with a huge lower lip. Good at spinning, bad at giving a crap.
  • Char-Kale


    Ruthless, shadowy manipulator. Head of the magical order Senechal Temporae. Her name must be whispered...
  • Commander Zedekiah Tucker

    Commander Zedekiah Tucker

    Suitor to a noblewoman. Leader of a camp of the Witching Queen's soldiers. DECEASED
  • Dindraine Selwyn

    Dindraine Selwyn

    Sir Percy's precocious little sister, 'Yuba's friend
  • Piss the Goblin

    Piss the Goblin

    Smallish, churlish, psychopathic trickster. DECEASED
  • Scarlett


    Siren-ghoul who entices the amorous into deadly peril. A camp wanton, pretty and pliant, prone to drink
  • Sgt Adramelech

    Sgt Adramelech

    Uncouth soldier they left to guard the wall. Demonically-horned fanatic with a little forked beard. CONFINED TO HELL
  • Sir Percy

    Sir Percy

    Double agent and confused prisoner-knight on a mission from Annais
  • The Duchess

    The Duchess

    The Duchess of Burke, Delilah Burke-Campbell. Greedy, childless, and recently widowed