Sgt Adramelech

Uncouth soldier they left to guard the wall. Demonically-horned fanatic with a little forked beard. CONFINED TO HELL


Action d12 d8

Maneuvering d6 d4

Self-protection d10 d6

Best Interests:

  • To shoot Malyce on sight (Book One, Chapter Two)

Particular Strengths:

War Magics of the Vale Perilous

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: with Violence, Directly, Action
  • Description: Magic wielded as a weapon
  • Effects: Hurl hellfire bullets, turn spirits into weapons
  • Significance 1: Broad

Introduced in Book One, Chapter Two


So Annais needed a guard and Arpie, the GM at the time, thought it a good idea to introduce a dangerous, outright evil lieutenant with its own unspoken fanatical agenda.

That didn’t work out so well, however, and as potent a symbol of magical power having a huge, ram-horned, fork-bearded demon on a flying drake might seem, Mr. Wolfbinder ended up taking him out in one shot. Adramelech also got run ragged by a group of preteen girls and absolutely failed to destroy Miz Malyce with a magic bullet that created a sort of prehensile fire.

Last seen smouldering in Hell and half-begging, half-demanding Annais to re-summon him, Adramelech has proven less than able in the evil lieutenant category. He also didn’t get any good lines.

Adramelech, of course, refers to a variation of the child-eating demon of Carthage, Moloch. Sort of. It’s complicated.

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Sgt Adramelech

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