Bloody Barnabas

Remorseful ghost of a tyrant king and father of Annais


Action d6 d4

Maneuvering d10 d6

Self-protection d12 d8

Best Interests:

  • Break Wolfbinder’s heart (Book One, Chapter Two)

Particular Strengths:

Ghosting the Heart

  • Die: d10
  • Forms: Covertly, Maneuvering
  • Description: A ghost creates a crisis to evoke changes
  • Effects: Transforms victim into a more virtuous or vile person
  • Significance 1: Potent

Introduced in Book One, Chapter Two


Bloody Barnabas seems to have played a significant part in the history of the Vale Perilous.

There’s a shrine to his last bloody fight, called “The Battle of the Tiend” which someone has located in a pleasant clearing near the Fallen Halls.

Although his remorse has twisted Mr. Wolfbinder’s heart, generating compassion and romance where only profit motive and ruthless brutality reigned before, he seems unable to express his regrets to his daughter, Annais, proficiently.

In fact, Annais sort of shrugged off the strange news that her father’s shade had gotten itself bound to Mr. Wolfbinder’s savage slave-trading heart. True, she had pressing matters at the time she learned it, but what kind of relationship must these two have had for her to suppress the bond so readily? Not good, Arpie suspects.

Bloody Barnabas has revealed much so far, of particular interest. For instance, we now know that Annais’ childhood nickname was “Picklefeet.” Perhaps Annais was as awkward as ‘Yuba (The Gooba) as a child.

Bloody Barnabas

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