Dindraine Selwyn

Sir Percy's precocious little sister, 'Yuba's friend


Action d10 d6

Maneuvering d6 d4

Self-protection d12 d8

Best Interests:

  • To make Jerek Westfall’s life miserable (Book One, Chapter Four)

Particular Strengths:

Plucky Determination

  • Die: d10
  • Forms: for Others, Action
  • Description: The unconfoundable spirit of a clever schoolgirl
  • Effects: Never give up, find a way under, through, or around any difficulty
  • Significance 1: Potent

Introduced in Book One, Chapter Two


Drindaine first appeared as the more precocious of a pair of schoolgirl friends who accompanied ‘Yuba, the Witching Princess, on the Endangerment’s ill-fated school outing to the Vale Perilous. Dressed in cute little schoolgirl silor uniforms, the Drindaine and Constance (Constance was the pretty blonde one, Drindaine the serious dark-haired one) defied the will of their headmistress, stood up to a ram-horned demon guard and generally created mischief looking for their lost friend.

After some time, Drindaine returned to the story, a little more grown up and a lot more amazonian. Still sporting her now-a-little-too-tight sailor suit with some survivalist modifications (thigh high leather boots seem like a must-have for the rigorous of the Vale Perilous), Drindaine has proven herself to be a dangerous shot with a bow. She has seemingly aided her brother, Sir Percy and her headmistress, Miz Malyce, to relocate both the Endangerment and ‘Yuba.

Dindraine Selwyn

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