Innkeeper of the Joyous Rabbit, the only wayhouse in the Vale Perilous


NPC Statistics

Action d6 d4

Maneuvering d10 d6

Self-protection d12 d8

PC Statistics

Covertly d6

Directly d12

for Myself d10

for Others d6

with Love d4

with Violence d8

Best Interests:

  • Bring Scarlett under my control (Book One, Chapter Three)
  • Get free of the Duchess’ insatiable greed (Book One, Chapter Three)
  • Trade places with ‘Yuba even if he has to wear her skin (Book One, Chapter Four)
  • To deny Jerek all hospitality (Book One, Chapter Four)

Particular Strengths:

Sigh of Dismissal

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: Directly, Maneuvering
  • Description: Tired, world-weary sigh transporting the target back to their youthful memories of being reprimanded
  • Effects: Target is made to feel impotent, exposed, and ultimately a galactic embarrassment. Impedes or stops actions or conversations beyond mortal capacity.
  • Significance 2: Unique, Far-reaching


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