Miz Maurinnis Malyce

Dean of the small and prestigious Feigndoor, College of the Mystical Order. Conjurer and seller of uncivil spirits. Fromer army scryer.


Covertly d12

Directly d6

for Myself d8

for Others d10

with Love d4

with Violence d6

Best Interests:

  • To make Yuba my puppet and overthrow Char as head of the the magical order (Book One, Chapters One and Two)
  • To steal Annais’ territory (Book One, Chapters One)
  • Get Mr Wolfbinder killed (Book One, Chapter Two)

Particular Strengths:


  • Die: d8
  • Forms: for Others, for Myself, Maneuvering
  • Description: Summoning spirits to do your bidding or possess others
  • Effects: Spirits can be kept in jars to be unleashed later
  • Significance 1: Broad


  • Die: d8
  • Forms: Covertly, Self-protection
  • Description: Can see other places and events. Requires a crystal ball.
  • Effects: Mainly used to control six, sharp-fanged gaunts.
  • Significance 1: Far-reaching

Miz Maurinnis Malyce

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