Siren-ghoul who entices the amorous into deadly peril. A camp wanton, pretty and pliant, prone to drink


NPC Form

Action d6 d4

Maneuvering d12 d8

Self-protection d10 d6

Best Interests:

  • Trick Jerek into falling for Annais (Book One, Chapter Three)
  • Get ‘Yuba to fall for a young soldier (Book One, Chapter Three)

Particular Strengths:

Siren Song

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: Covertly, Maneuvering
  • Description: A haunting song that the target doesn’t even know they hear.
  • Effects: Seduces lovers into dangerous situations. Threatens victims in with Love and Self-protection
  • Significance 2: Consequential, Far-reaching

Introduced in Book One, Chapter Three



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