Mr. Shelby Wolfbinder

Bold and incorrigible slaver. He captures magical creatures from the Vale Perilous and sells them at market. The forces of the universe are either conspiring to make a good man of him or destroy what remains of his soul.


Covertly d6

Directly d12

for Myself d8

for Others d4

with Love d10

with Violence d6

Best Interests:

  • Win Murinus’ love (Book One, Chapters One and Two)
  • Enslave Yuba (Book One, Chapter One)
  • Kill Adramelech…he knows my secret (Book One, Chapter Two)
  • Kill Annais to rid me of the spirit Bloody Barnabas, her father (Book One, Chapter Four)
  • Steal my ship back from the enchanted glade (Book One, Chapter Four)

Particular Strengths:

Riding Crop

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: with Violence, for Myself, Action
  • Description: Small crop that smarts!
  • Effects: Used whenever in battle or trying to cow my lessers/women
  • Significance 1: Broad

The Endangerment

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: Directly, with Violence, Action
  • Description: Flying slave ship
  • Effects: It can fly, hold prisoners, and fight with cannons
  • Significance 2: Unique, Broad

Mr. Shelby Wolfbinder

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