The Duchess

The Duchess of Burke, Delilah Burke-Campbell. Greedy, childless, and recently widowed


NPC Form

Action d6 d4

Maneuvering d10 d6

Self-protection d12 d8

Best Interests:

  • Acquire deed to the Joyous Rabbit from Javavich (Book One, Chapter Three)
  • To get her liege, Annais, killed (Book One, Chapter Three)

Particular Strengths:


  • Die: d10
  • Forms: for Myself, for Others, Action
  • Description: Can hire or purchase the right tool for the need.
  • Effects: Servants, body guards, weapons, etc, to do the dirty work for you.
  • Significance 2: Potent, Broad

Introduced in Book One, Chapter Three


The Duchess

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