Beletsunnu, the Witch Queen

'Yuba's mother and the ruler of the Empire


Covertly d4

Directly d8

for Myself d12

for Others d6

with Love d6

with Violence d6

Best Interests:

  • Beat the evil out of ‘Yuba to save her soul (Book One, Chapter Five)
  • Seek retribution from Annais for not returning her daughter (Book One, Chapter Five)

Particular Strengths:

Righteous Wrath

  • Die: d10
  • Forms: Directly, Self-protection
  • Description: Like most parents, she has a gaze that stops people in their tracks
  • Effects: People stop action and if she continues the gaze they will suffocate
  • Significance 2: Potent, Far-reaching

We haven’t actually met the Witch Queen so far.

We do know that she:

1) Is impressed with a man who can physically (and brutally) subdue a nightmare.

2) Likes and trusts Annais.

In addition, the end of her reign will signal the end of the Age of Enlightenment, so presumably she’s one of those fantastically charismatic and learned monarchs who cropped up in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, like Catherine the Great or Queen Elizabeth I.

She’s probably a brunette (since Catherine was blonde and Elizabeth the first was… technically… a red head. Also, Witch Queens tend to be raven-haired seductresses.)

We also found out in Chapter Four that something threatens her reign. Annais thinks its Char-Kale, but Annais might have gotten the wrong end of the stick. (Char-Kale hates ‘Yuba, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t support the Witch Queen. Maybe ‘Yuba has a sister or two.)

Beletsunnu, the Witch Queen

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