Commander Zedekiah Tucker

Suitor to a noblewoman. Leader of a camp of the Witching Queen's soldiers. DECEASED


NPC Form

Action d12 d8

Maneuvering d10 d6

Self-protection d6 d4

Best Interests:

  • Capture ‘Yuba and return her to the Witching Queen in order to humiliate Annais. (Book One, Chapter Three)
  • Turn Javavich’s wayhouse into a base camp. (Book One, Chapter Three)

Particular Strengths:

Personal Army

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: with Violence, Maneuvering
  • Description: A vast army at her command with battalions and individuals to order around
  • Effects: Use the army against enemies in a large space like a battlefield. Threatens opponents in with Violence or Action.
  • Significance 1: Consequential

Introduced in Book One, Chapter Three


Commander Zedekiah Tucker

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