Fairy Beasts

The Vale Perilous has quite a few magical monsters in it, including Griffons, Manticores, Unicorns, Harpies, Nightmares, Bargheists, Goblins and Gaunts.

No one in the group is certain what a gaunt is, but that’s okay, because whoever put together the Oracle probably didn’t know what one was either. It just sounds cool.

Currently, we speculate that a gaunt is some sort of flying undead humanoid. Presumably, a guant is pretty darn thin.

By some unknown process, fairy creatures such as these can be bound to a human heart, giving that person virtues or vices which, one would assume, that person never before possessed (or, at least, possessed in such a miserably scant quality that it isn’t worth mentioning.)

Fairy Beasts

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