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Howdy, O Muse!

Welcome to the Wiki for our In A Wicked Age “Webs of the Endangerment” Campaign.

On these pages, the curious, the involved and the compelled can discover information about a world that we’re pretty much making up as we go along.

From the Hour Throne to the Calendar Staff, the flying ship known as the The Endangerment inhabits a world which kind of resembles the deformed offspring of Harry Potter and the Golden Compass.

Derived from our idiosyncratic pool of historical, folkloric and literary knowledge, the world of the Endangerment, seems rich and varied, yet lacking in a few minor areas.

For instance, we need an end-paper map if this is going to be a proper jaunt into fantasy land. We also have a shocking lack of stew which, according to Diana Wynn Jones’ Toughpick Guide to Fantasyland, is practically the only thing worth eating (besides the bread and cheese which we covered handily in the first chapter.)

Best of luck, brave souls, who read about our creation.

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