The Endangerment

A flying ship, variously described as a schooner, a bark and, I think, a Hogger on one occaison. It’s quite clearly made of wood.

It has sails and a rigging, canons, a captain’s cabin, quite a bit of space below decks and a trimsman (the idea of which someone stole from Space 1889.)

It probably has a mizzenmast, bilges and a binnacle, because those things sound cool and at least one player actually owns a binnacle (which seems to be some sort of compass.) No one has mentioned bobstays, limber holes or head ledges and, since not one person in the groups seems particularly nautical, no one probably will.

Without a doubt, magic has something to do with the ship and her navigation, since she sails the skies between magical places like Tyno Helig and the Vale Perilous. Also, wards have been mentioned which, despite suggestions to the contrary, were never inscribed in the captain’s Natty Helmet.

Currently, the brutal Mr. Shelby Wolfbinder captains her, but it has been strongly intimated that he is but one in a long and somewhat inglorious chain of commanding officers.

When first encountered, the Endangerment was serving as a slaver ship with a cargo of Fairy Beasts but, considering her outfitting and comportment, she most certainly was launched with a different mission.

The Endangerment

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