Tyno Helig

Arpie needed a name for the enemy land on the borders of the Vale Perilous, so he used this one. Arpie likes folklore, but the only thing he could actually remember about Tyno Helig was that it had something to do with a rock.

So, in the world of The Endangerment, Tyno Helig came to be a rocky and impoverished country in a sort of M. C. Escher-esque proximity to the Vale which Annais rules.

Ruled over by its only surviving authority, Captain Habitrot, Tyno Helig seems to be a poorly maintained bastion of defiance on the edges of the Witch Queen’s Empire.

Sir Percy begins the story as a prisoner there, but a well-kept one.

The Fierce Wall separates Tyno Helig from its enemies (The Empire), and the Vale in particular.

Tyno Helig, The Welsh Atlantis

Tyno Helig

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