Webs of the Endangerment

Welcome to the home of “Webs of the Endangerment”. This is an ongoing story set in a world of our own creation. We’re using the In A Wicked Age game system and the Oracles in the book (so far). We’ll be rotating GMs and players as we go (one of the great features of the system) and taking breaks between “books” to play other games (possibly very long breaks). We have no planned length for the first book – the story will end when it ends.

The Endangerment is a flying ship and serves as a central hub for the overall story. The world is rather fantastic with universities of magic, bizarre geography, occasionally variable gravity, and connectivity between dimensional realms. We’re not making any attempt to fit it all together, just giving it enough detail to keep our story flying. The style of the fiction is Magical Pulp Adventure in the Age of Enlightenment.

Book One: The Witching Princess

Chapter One: In which an Incident with Cheese and Manticores leads to Untoward, but not Unreciprocated, Advances upon a Matron.
Chapter Two: In Which A Struggle Between Man and Woman Leads to a Series of Unseemly Falls, As Has Been the Case Since Before the Explusion from Paradise
Chapter Three: In Which the Tranquility of an Exotic Wayhouse is Disturbed by Songs, Sighs, Soldiers, and Scandalous Encounters
Chapter Four: In which broken contracts lead to a Debased Man eating bark in the woods and the rendering of the Tender Skin of Innocence unto the Perverse Attentions of many a Cruel Master. Also, a Rabbit Explodes.
Chapter Five: In which a Half-Naked Savage does Rude Things to a Horse.

Now that we’re finished with Book One, what could be our Next Adventure?

Personae Dramatis

Encyclopedia Arcanum

C… Calendar Staff
E… The Empire, The Endangerment
F… Fairy Beasts, Feigndoor, Fierce Wall
H… Helmet, Natty, Hour Throne
S… Seneschals Temporae
T… Tyno Helig
V… Vale Perilous
W… Wards

Webs of the Endangerment

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