Jerek Westfall

Opportunist seeking the attentions of the recently bereaved noblewoman. Egocentric, arrogant, amorous, attractive, and conniving


Covertly d6

Directly d8

for Myself d12

for Others d4

with Love d10

with Violence d6

Best Interests:

  • Eliminate the siren-ghoul (Book One, Chapter Three)
  • Bring the two armies to conflict to distract the opposing suitor (Book One, Chapter Three)

Particular Strengths:

Manly Pose

  • Die: d10
  • Forms: for Myself, Action
  • Description: Jerek assumes an obtuse and flashy pose that fans the flames of a maiden’s heart and loins
  • Effects: Upon viewing this display of machismo, the unwitting victim falls under the sway of his masculine wiles
  • Significance 2: Potent, Far-reaching

Deadly Lover

  • Die: d8
  • Forms: with Love, with Violence, Self-protection
  • Description: Jerek simply whispers the word “love” in an obtuse and forgotten language
  • Effects: The word burrows into the victim’s mind and unleashes an unsurvivable torrent of erotic energy
  • Significance 1: Broad

Jerek Westfall

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