Magistrate Equine

The Magistrate Equine, Kolyarut the Inevitable, rules his court with a firm hoof. A tireless metal steed, powered by the lightning itself.


Covertly 6

Directly 10

for Myself 6

for Others 12

with Love 4

with Violence 8

Best Interests:

  • Try and execute ‘Yuba for breaking her Celestial Contract (Book One, Chapter Five)
  • Try and execute Char-Kale for Treason, Conspiracy to Kidnap a Royal, Desecration of Sacred Grounds (the Fallen Halls), and Unauthorized Temporal Manipulation (Book One, Chapter Five)

Particular Strengths:

Powdered Wig-Main

  • Die: d10
  • Forms: Directly, Maneuvering
  • Description: A powdered wig over a horse’s main, badge of office for a magistrate
  • Effects: Terrifies those that seek to defy or escape the authority of the Witch Queen’s law, can bind them to his will and rulings, threatens for Myself or Self-protection
  • Significance 2: Potent, Consequential.

Magistrate Equine

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